Poll after poll has shown that young people care more about action on climate than any other age group, but that enthusiasm has not translated into increased participation in our democratic process. With so much at stake, young people are far less likely than their older counterparts to vote.

So Defend Our Future is trying something new. We’re tired of waiting for our leaders to act on climate, so we’re challenging people like you to take action. Instead of sitting on the sidelines hoping someone else will act, you, the doers, the solvers, and the innovators, will help solve the greatest challenge of our generation. With your help, we want to show candidates of all parties that climate change is a priority issue for young voters, regardless of political affiliation.

Defend Our Future is building a diverse coalition of partners that share the goal of finding actionable and common sense solutions to solving climate change. Working with student body presidents, campus administrators, actors, athletes, artists, musicians, businesses and others, we are building a nationwide movement of young people who support bold action on climate to protect the environment, their communities, and future generations.

We can’t wait for our leaders.

We are challenging you to take small, but substantive actions to solve climate – from using a reusable water bottle, to starting a bikeshare with friends, or pledging to vote.

Your voice matters. Be the one to take action. Join Defend Our Future.

Defend Our Future is a project of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). EDF is one of the world’s largest non-profit environmental organizations whose mission to find solutions that benefit people and the environment is guided by science and economics.