By Diane MacEachern October 30, 2018

This post by Diane MacEachern was originally published for Moms Clean Air Force.

Need to register to vote? Want to make sure your friends and family get to the polls on November 6th? There’s an app for that. In fact, there’s lots of apps!

Apps that make it easy to get out the vote:

Register To Vote – This app makes it easier to register to vote online. Twenty-three states currently offer online voter registration. has set up systems with six of them so far: CA, MA, PA, AZ, CO and MO. The group says they’re “working hard” to add the other states “as soon as possible.” – also links to register to vote if your state allows it. You can check your registration status, get an absentee ballot for your state if you need one, and tell you where to find your polling place on election day.

You can find a state-by-state list of voter registration deadlines here.

Apps that make sure you and your friends vote:

HelloVote – This is a “chat bot” that helps you register and vote. Once you enter your number, or text HELLO to (844) 344-3556, HelloVote sends your polling location, early voting info, an “I’m voting” selfie badge, and election day reminders. You can text STOP to stop all messages once you’ve voted.

Vote With Me – The idea behind this app is that people will be more likely to vote if their friends encourage them to do so. It taps voter history to show you which of your friends previously voted so you can remind them to vote in this election, too. It works by syncing – with your permission – your mobile contacts with the voter database to identify people you know who may be eligible to vote in the upcoming elections. The app will even tell you who might not vote, based on their previous voting history, so you can call or text to remind them. Vote With Me was designed by execs from Google, Amazon and former Obama Administration officials.

TurboVote – This app keeps track of voter registration, absentee, and vote-by-mail rules for all 50 states. It sends texts and emails so you don’t forget to vote.

New Voter Army – Where Vote With Me relies on mobile contact lists, NVA taps Facebook accounts. It’s particularly active in 2018 in 76 congressional districts where Democrats have a chance to flip a congressional seat. NVA volunteers use the app to find potential new voters among their Facebook contacts. Then around election day, they use the app to reach out to those contacts to encourage them to vote.

VoterCircle – This isn’t so much an app as it is a system that enables supporters of a cause or campaign – like GOTV – to use their personal address books to connect with eligible voters. If you’re canvassing (going door-to-door) for a cause or candidate, you can use VoterCircle to invite friends to join the campaign’s email list and participate in activities like getting others to the polls or volunteering on election day.

Apps that help get people to the polls:

“Decisions get made by those who show up,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says. “On November 6, I hope everyone does one thing: vote!”

To that end, Uber will provide free rides to voters who need them so they can get to their polling place. All you need to do is download the latest version of the Uber app and follow the directions.

Lyft is also providing free and discounted rides on Election Day, and is working with and TurboVote to provide half-off coupon codes.

It’s estimated that “over 15 million people were registered but didn’t vote in 2016 because of transportation issues,” says Lyft on its website. “We’re committed to providing 50% off rides across the country, and free rides to underserved communities that face significant obstacles to transportation.” Lyft is also using its social media to remind Lyft passengers to register to vote.

By the way, you’re eligible to vote if you’re a U.S. citizen who will be 18 or older by Election Day, which in 2018 is November 6. Voter turn-out is one of the most important ways to influence public policy on clean air, climate change, and other environmental issues. So please – register and vote!