Here's an idea for students who move away for college to reduce your carbon footprint.

Students usually buy new things for their dorm or apartment during move-in, but a lot goes into making and transporting new clothes and furniture. The production of one pair of jeans uses on average 1500 gallons of water and expels 71 pounds of CO2. 


If you're looking for furniture, decorations, or new clothes, try visiting your local thrift store first. There are plenty of unique, reusable items that will make your dorm room stand out and save you money. Just make sure your wash it all first!


At the end of the year, if you can't take things home or store them when you move out, consider recycling or donating instead of throwing them away. Campuses generate almost 30% more solid waste during move-out months. Reduce waste by giving to a local charity, thrift store, or people in the community.


Check out these examples on how to decorate your room with thrift store finds.

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