By Monye Pitt June 29, 2018

There’s one thing we know for certain – the Defend team is dedicated. Without our students and volunteers on the ground, the push towards a cleaner and healthier planet wouldn’t be possible.

That being said, we can’t do it alone.

Combining forces is key to making our voices heard and keeping climate change at the forefront of our national discourse, which is why we’re excited that so many universities have become champions of sustainability.

Arizona State University (ASU), one of our campus affiliates, has been a leading pioneer of global sustainability programs and interdisciplinary research opportunities. ASU has also made involvement easily accessible for students, faculty, and staff – their “Seeds of Sustainability Course”, a short online module, takes participants through the basics of climate change, introduces sustainability efforts specific to ASU, and grants a “Seedling” certification. Serving as a beginners guide to sustainability, this course is an accessible and time effective approach that gets the ball rolling.

The Ohio State University (OSU), like ASU, is committed to doing its part. With a campus the size of nearly 2,000 acres, getting from point A to B can pose a challenge. In an effort to provide an affordable alternative to personal vehicles, OSU implemented a bike share program for its students, faculty, and staff – with over 115 bikes, it makes getting across campus a low maintenance endeavor. In addition, OSU provides students with free access to the public bus system, as well as lockers and a kitchen for those with an especially long commute. These initiatives work as a financial incentive and helps to promote sustainable transportation.

A few universities have even joined forces to make sustainability more engaging – Temple, Drexel, and a number of other campuses participate in a yearly waste reduction competition known as Recycle Mania. This experience involves campus wide waste reduction efforts, and is promoted through a number of events to get the community involved, which, in turn, allows universities to advocate for recycling and raise awareness through healthy competition.

Universities across the country have taken initiative. How does your campus promote sustainability? Let us know at!