June 3, 2016

Three things you can do on your campuses to mitigate climate change

1. Register Voters

  • Many young people support action on climate, but they are less likely to vote than any other age group. You can help change this by registering people to vote on campus. Here are some helpful tips:
    • Try to partner with existing events that draw a large crowd. Host your booth at these events to register young people to vote.
    • Provide short, concise information on handouts telling people about how their vote can impact climate action.
    • Use Turbovote! It's a great program that makes it easier to register voters and sends them reminders on when to vote.
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2. Host a Forum on Climate Issues

Invite expert guests to come to your campus and speak on climate change

  • Helpful tips:
    • You can bring in experts working on national issues, but also consider inviting an expert on local climate and environmental policy. They can talk about what ways to get involved in your area.
    • Host a voter registration booth at the forum.
    • Focus your topics on climate issues that young people and students can immediately get involved in.
    • Have someone speak on the importance of voting in addressing your topics.
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3. Advocate for Climate Commitments