February 15th, 2018

Arizona State Capitol, West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ, United States

The Arizona team also held its first press event, EPA Spotlight: Solar in Arizona. Our team was joined by state Representative Mitzi Epstein, Mi Familia Vota state director Eduardo Sainz, Sierra Club’s Sandy Bahr and Joy Seitz, CEO of American Solar and Roofing. Epstein highlighted the Green Power Partnership, an EPA program that provides businesses and organizations technical assistance and recognition in return for a commitment to use clean energy for all or a portion of their annual consumption. Sainz spoke about pollution disproportionately affecting communities of color but also said that a growing solar industry benefited the Latino community and the overall economy. The press conference concluded with our intern, Zane Ellis, who told his personal story about what compels him to fight for the environment. Ellis followed with a call to action, asking supporters and viewers to call their senators to urge them to protect EPA’s budget. The event was covered by the local PBS affiliate who published a story along with a feature on the daily broadcast.