By Keith Zukowski March 31, 2017

It’s a tough time for people concerned about climate change and the environment. As you’ve no doubt heard, President Trump and Congress have repeatedly targeted environmental protections and regulations that were put in place to keep our air and water clean, our environment intact, and our world stable for generations to come.

Still, hope remains. A significant uptick in environmental engagement and activism signals a public that is serious about climate change and environmental safeguards—and is prepared to defend them. Below are four reasons for hope when it comes to climate change:

Americans want polluter regulation 

Regardless of what EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says, the science is clear: CO2 is a dangerous greenhouse gas that is the main culprit behind climate change. Thankfully, the American people know this. A recent survey by the New York Times reveals that 69% of adults support strict limits on CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants.

What’s more, the report states that “a majority of adults in every congressional district” support such measures. Every congressional district. That’s the kind of consensus you’d expect from a question like “Are cheeseburgers tasty?”

Here’s the thing: all Americans want clean air and clean water. All Americans want a safe and healthy world for generations to come. With proper, common-sense regulations on polluters we can ensure a booming economy, a healthy population, and a greener, cleaner world for future Americans.

Conservative Climate Resolution

It’s an understatement to say we live in polarized times. And yet hope remains that bipartisanship may find its way back into the climate debate. Last month, 17 Republican members of the House signed a resolution calling for conservatives to “protect, conserve, and be good stewards of our environment.”

Conservatives actually have a strong tradition of environmental stewardship. And this resolution indicates that some Republicans are starting to take the need to act on climate change seriously. These 17 Representatives acknowledge that climate change isn’t about party affiliation. It’s about recognizing a distinct and very real problem that we must address immediately.

Environmental Activism 

Since Trump’s election, environmental groups are reporting record-breaking public engagement. From phone calls to members of Congress, petitions to politicians, and turnout at rallies and town halls, people are making their voice heard like never before. Things like the Conservative Climate Resolution show that legislators are listening.

Most hearteningly, the activism is still going strong, and looks like it will only get bigger and better. On April 29th, in Washington DC and other cities across the country, people will gather for the People’s Climate Movement in a collective call for common sense climate action and environmental stewardship.

Defend Our Future will be in attendance. Will you? You can win an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC for the march by entering your name here. If you can’t make it to DC, keep your eye out for information on rallies popping up all over.

EPA Support

Nearly 70% of Americans want the EPA to remain in its current state or be strengthened. That’s because they recognize the important role EPA plays in keeping our communities healthy and protecting our world for generations to come.

While President Trump has proposed 31% cuts to the EPA, the resulting public and political outcry show people aren’t messing around when it comes to protecting their air and water.

The best news of all? After the proposed cuts were announced, people started sending baskets full of cookies and letters of support to EPA staff.

Want to get in on the action? Take action right now and tell your senators you won’t stand for cuts to EPA’s budget.