By Jenna Morgan May 9, 2018

The time I’ve spent interning with Defend Our Future at Arizona State University has been rich with opportunities. Each day our organization helps to educate students on campus regarding environmental issues, focusing on the proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency as well as its administrator, Scott Pruitt, and the damaging policies he has put in place. As an intern with Defend, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with elected officials, local environmental groups, and ASU professors to discuss our concerns and advocate for change.

Since last fall, I’ve had the chance to voice my concerns through local events and festivals. In February, I joined a group of students and activists that gathered at the Arizona State Capitol to participate in Environmental Day. We had the opportunity to meet with state senators and representatives to discuss their plans to further environmental sustainability here in Arizona. To me this experience proves that there are elected officials who really care about this issue and are dedicated to combating climate change.

As a millennial, I realize that my generation will have to pick up the slack of social responsibility previous generations have avoided or ignored. That is why I’m committed to Defend Our Future’s mission and have joined the fight for environmental sustainability and justice. As part of Defend Our Future, we not only are given the ability to make a difference and learn about strides being made, but also the potential to further our individual commitment to protecting our environment and our future.

I’m excited to see additional Arizona State University students get involved and join the fight not only our future, but also the future of all generations.