By Rachel Melton February 24, 2018

I have always felt very strongly about protecting the Earth we all share and ensuring that its wonders and inhabitants not only survive, but also thrive. However, as a young girl, I wasn’t sure how I could make any impact on these issues that I cared deeply about. Then I found Defend Our Future, and I was finally given the opportunity to make the difference I’ve always desired.

I began my internship in January, and immediately was able to get involved in an event regarding one of my biggest passions: bees. I was the emcee for this event, Defend Our Bees, and that experience was truly remarkable. Not only was I able to facilitate a conversation between experts on a subject I’m passionate about, but I was also able to bring the community into that conversation to learn about the threats bees are facing, and what we all can do to help. The experience also gave me an invaluable opportunity to practice my public speaking skills.

I have also had the distinct blessing to work with such a remarkable group of like-minded, motivated young people. Every member of this team is incredibly passionate, hardworking and supportive. I have never been part of such a fantastic team of individuals before, and I feel so ridiculously blessed to know each of them. I look forward to continuing work with them and hope you'll join me in helping to make our planet a better place.

Rachel Melton is a sophomore at Colorado State University. Read Rachel's op-ed on defending our bees here.