By Jake Kuenzli February 7, 2020

Environment Colorado and Auraria Sustainable Campus Program hosted a discussion panel this week discussing how Denver can uphold the goals of the Paris Agreement. One of our Colorado Campus Ambassadors, Jake Kuenzli had the opportunity to moderate this discussion panel and had the chance to do a blog write-up of the event. The panel list included: Professor Shamim Ahsan, Jonathan Rogers, Karen Stuart, and Phoebe Loyd.

Climate change is a topic that captivates many, but can confuse some. This is why it is essential to have opportunities such as the Paris Climate Agreement Panel to educate the public. I was incredibly appreciative to have had the ability to moderate such a spirited discussion and to meet some of the people working hard to help Denver take action on climate change.

The questions began with the basics of the Paris Climate Agreement and its importance. Dr. Shamim Ahsan of Metropolitan State University of Denver was part of the original Kyoto Protocol and had an ample amount of insight on the importance of national agreements. We dived into the effects of climate change around the world and how different regions are affected. We also discussed how climate change is more than just a social issue. Phoebe Loyd of the ASCP talked at length about the substantial displacement that climate change causes. The panelists were not only climate change experts, but also were well versed in Denver’s progress. Each panelist was able to provide a note of encouragement on how their work looked to address this issue.

Ultimately, this was a great education opportunity that was received very well. Several tough questions were asked, where science was able to fulfill those questions. As for the result? An educated, yet inspired audience, dedicated to doing what they can to change their personal impact.