June 1, 2020


Contact: Ben Schneider, bschneider@edf.org, 202-572-3279

Defend Our Future Issued the Following Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

There are no words to adequately express our horror, our rage and our sadness at the completely unwarranted killing of George Floyd. His death is only the latest to seep into the national consciousness because someone was there to take and post a video of the whole atrocious act. But horrific, needless killing of Black people by police officers is too common in our country. And far too often the perpetrators go unpunished.

The Defend team realizes this might appear far out of our usual climate advocacy lane. But sometimes, we need to take a step back, and take a hard look at the racial injustices happening in our country. This is one of those times. We cannot stay silent in the wake of this tragedy that continues to unfold before us.

For those of us who aren’t Black, we can’t imagine how terrifying it is to be Black in America right now. What the entire Defend team will do is remind everyone reading this – and most particularly, our white members – it is your RESPONSIBILITY to act. For everyone already taking a stand to protect Black lives, we thank you. And everyone else, please: if you are as fed up as we are (and you should be), take action. Here are two resources to help you get started:

First, here’s a list of “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.” It’s continually updated to stay relevant, so bookmark it and check back regularly. It lists everything from racial justice groups to support, to movies to watch to educate yourself and your friends, and dozens of other ideas in between.

And check out this blog we wrote earlier in the year, on how white people can be better allies to Black and brown communities.
Please be safe, and take care of yourselves and those you hold most dear. We’re not giving up. And neither are you.

— The Defend Our Future Team

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