We want to help equip you with the information you need for your meetings with lawmakers, at events or even for one-on-one conversations with peers. On this page, you can learn more about Defend Our Future and to get involved as well as the issues we’re working on to build a brighter future.

The American Jobs Plan

All across the country, young people want good-paying jobs that will make a difference in the world. We want to help in the fight against climate change. We want to advance justice and make the world a more equitable place. We want to help create a world where everyone gets the clean drinking water and clean air they deserve.

That’s exactly why we’re excited about President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan. It’s an ambitious blueprint for a clean energy economy that fights climate change at the scale we need and makes major advances in environmental justice. And it creates millions of good jobs to make it all happen.

Establish a Defend Our Future Chapter

Defend Our Future is empowering young people on college campuses and in communities across the country. Are you interested in building power and advocating for climate solutions in your community? We can get you started with our Defend Our Future Chapter Toolkit. In this toolkit you will find steps for how to establish your chapter, ideas for fun events you can host and ways you can help spread the word about Defend Our Future and climate solutions! Question? Reach out to Jonathan Soohoo at jonathan@defendourfuture.org.

Host a Defend Our Future Event!

Whether on campus, at a public library or at a coffee shop, you can host a meet-up to talk about the climate crisis – and solutions like the American Jobs Plan – with colleagues, peers and friends. Check out our helpful guide to help you plan for your event. If you’d like to host a meet-up and are looking for ideas and additional content, please reach out to jonathan@defendourfuture.org.

Encouraging Corporate Climate Action

Climate change will affect every aspect of our society and economy, but it’s not too late to make a difference. The change starts with you. The private sector can be part of the solution and luckily we have a handy guide for how you can bring your voice to boost your company’s ambition to get real on climate.

Download A Personal Guide to Corporate Climate Action.

Additional Resources

Check out our blogs page for updates on the latest news, stories from our supporters and allies, and what we’re doing to advance durable climate solutions!