By Jonathan Soohoo June 30, 2017

$1 billion. That’s the estimated amount of money Americans will spend on beer during this Fourth of July holiday.

While millions of Americans are celebrating with a cold one, many may not know how critical consistent sources of clean water is to the production of beer, and the dangers producers face as key environmental protections are rolled back. Beer is made up of about 90% water and brewers depend on safe sources of water, protected from pollution and other environmental hazards.

Key to protecting our water supplies and our climate is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For decades, EPA has been instrumental in developing and enforcing environmental safeguards so that brewers – and all Americans – have access to clean water.

But President Trump’s proposed budget threatens to undue much of the progress we’ve made, and will place a significant burden on states and localities that are neither equipped nor have sufficient resources to provide the important services of the EPA. If implemented, the 31% budget cut to EPA will mean less funding for enforcement and monitoring of waters millions of Americans depend upon for drinking, swimming, boating and fishing. Furthermore, the administration earlier this month announced its plan to eliminate more than 1,200 positions at EPA by the end of the summer.

Brewers are now speaking out, because they, like you, understand how important it is to preserve EPA funding to ensure that clean water is available to everyone.

Now, I ask you to take action: This Fourth of July, raise a glass to your members of Congress, to encourage them to preserve EPA funding, on which states and cities rely on to monitor and enforce water quality.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly this Fourth of July – and every day.