By Adrienne Cooper July 5, 2018

Scott Pruitt is out as EPA administrator.

After an unbelievable barrage of headlines revealing scandal after scandal, Pruitt was forced to resign in disgrace from his position in the Trump administration. While Pruitt should have been gone months ago, with Republicans and Democrats alike calling his corruption intolerable, families now can sleep easier knowing Pruitt can no longer use taxpayer dollars to do the bidding of corporate polluters and their lobbyists in exchange for personal favors.

From his sweetheart D.C. condo deal with an energy lobbyist, to his illegal $43,000 soundproof phone booth, to his first-class travel at taxpayer expense, to retaliating against whistleblowers who have challenged his personal spending, Pruitt’s ethical challenges were unprecedented and cannot ever be repeated.

Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler has a long road ahead of him to repair the damage Pruitt has done. If he chooses to attack bedrock environmental and public health safeguards or abuse his public office for personal benefit, he should expect the same fate as Pruitt – we will hold him accountable.

We have much work ahead of us. We must continue to raise our voices so that our leaders know that we are demanding an EPA administrator who will actually work for us, and not corporate polluters.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight for clean air, clean water and a healthier future for all.