By Jenna Morgan August 9, 2018

During my day on Capitol Hill with the Defend Our Future team, I was given the opportunity to interact with Representatives, Senators, and their staff. We were able to discuss things that I care deeply about, such as clean car standards and renewable energy. The fact that we traveled to DC to speak with our elected officials armed with facts and solutions about environmental policies signified the urgency of our issue.

Having been able to express my concerns about the Trump administration’s tariffs that are slowing solar power progress in Arizona, with legislators that have the power to push back against them, was an extraordinary experience for me personally and professionally. I also found it immensely important for my team and I to discuss the clean car standards rollback, as it will only further contribute to increased air pollution in our communities. Being able to voice my concerns to the government gave me a greater sense of involvement in these issues and will hopefully lead to our representatives taking action.

Jenna Morgan was a Defend Our Future Intern at Arizona State University.