Defend Our Future

Fact: We need leaders who will act on climate change.

Our elected officials need to get the message that if they don’t get serious, it should cost them their jobs.

Add your voice to say you’re a voter who cares about climate change — and let’s put the pressure on.

What's Happening

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Help build the movement to Defend Our Future.

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    1. If you have a CO license, register online.
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  • Vote By Mail

    Everyone registered by Oct. 27th will receive a mail in ballot. If you are voting by mail for the first time, you may need to provide a photocopy of your identification (IDs with your current address such as: CO driver’s license, US passport, utility bill, Student ID). Check the status of your ballots here.

  • Vote In Person

    You can surrender your mail in ballot and vote in person. To vote in person, you need to bring a form of identification with your current address, such as your CO driver’s license, US passport, utility bill, or CO student ID. Learn your polling place by visiting

About Us

Defend Our Future is focused on persuading politicians to be serious about acting on climate change. We know climate change is happening – and is a serious threat to our generation. Not just scientists, but economists, doctors and military leaders are all warning of the costs and consequences.

If we want to change the path we’re on, we can’t sit on the sidelines. We’re mobilizing people like you to persuade politicians this fall to be real leaders on the issue of climate change.

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