Defend Our Future is seeking a new generation of climate change activists, eager to learn the ins and outs of grassroots campus organizing and take on climate change in your community and nationwide. Are you one of them? Apply now to intern with Defend Our Future!

As the Trump administration continues its assault on climate science and our most basic environmental protections, we need leaders who are ready to stand up and fight for a better world – now more than ever. That’s why Defend Our Future is mobilizing to fight against this threat to our planet and any and all attempts to rollback or weaken critical climate and public health protections. It’s up to us to show our elected leaders that we will not stand by while so much of what we care about is systematically dismantled.

Defend Our Future interns play a leading role doing just that: they are part of a student-led team that educates and inspires peers to be leaders in the climate movement. Interns will engage in quality, face-to-face conversations with peers, visit with members of Congress, write letters-to-the-editor and build strategic community partnerships. In addition, they will help with planning and holding educational events about the the impacts of and solutions to climate change, and how students and young people in general can do more to help solve one of the greatest challenges of our time.

What you’ll be doing as a Defend Our Future intern:

● Engage fellow students and young people on the importance of contacting their elected leaders through tabling, crowd canvassing, and phone-banking;
● List building, data entry and recruitment calls;
● Assist in planning, executing and recruiting for on-campus and community-based events promoting action on climate change;
● Conduct volunteer recruitment and outreach to expand the Defend Our Future team;
● Participate in Defend Our Future social media presence and in online campaigns when applicable;
● Learn how to write and submit Letter-to-the-Editor and Op-Ed’s to local media;
● Visit Members of Congress offices and present information on the importance of taking action on climate and environmental issues.


● Must be a current college student;
● Be available for at least 10 hours per week;
● Excellent communication skills and willingness to engage large and diverse student populations;
● Ability to work in and adapt to a fast-moving, team-oriented environment;
● Familiarity with climate change issues is preferred.

Internships are unpaid with the possibility for course credit.