By Tucker Rinehart August 15, 2016

My name is Tucker Rinehart and I am currently studying Interactive Media at Columbus State. I was approached on campus by a Defend Our Future Organizer who asked that I sign up to commit to help fight climate change. I immediately said yes and we struck up a conversation about the organization and what students like myself could to do to help make real change on my campus. After our conversation ended, I realized this was exactly the sort of program that suited me and would gave me an opportunity to make a difference on an issue I cared greatly about.

I believe climate change is one of the most prominent threats to our health and society, and that this threat will only grow more grave if action is not taken immediately. That is why I chose to join Defend Our Future—to fight climate change and encourage my peers to do the same. We urgently need more people talking about and taking action on this issue. An important part of this is getting millennials such as myself to vote for folks who will take action on this issue at the national, state and local level.

I had such a great time this summer working with the Defend Our Future crew and engaging my peers and fellow students about the importance of this issue. Talking to people and discussing climate change at the Stonewall Pride Festival here in Columbus this summer is an example of just one of the great experiences that allowed me and my teammates to raise awareness while having a good time.

I learned so many things this summer that will continue to serve me far beyond my time with Defend Our Future. I have learned how to communicate my message more effectively while also allowing myself to understand other’s viewpoints and ideals. Working with this program and these great people has opened my mind to so many things and changed my view of the world forever.

You should definitely consider joining Defend Our Future this fall and become a Fall Intern with me and the rest of our awesome team!