May 28, 2019

Climate change threatens our economy, our health and our children’s future. The United States can address this great challenge by moving to a 100% clean economy.

Transforming to 100% clean means shifting the country away from polluting sources of energy. We need to stop adding climate pollution to the atmosphere by 2050 — producing no more than we can remove. That’s the goal consistent with what science says is necessary.

100% clean will protect our economy, support workers and farmers, and help the most vulnerable.

The Dangers of Climate Change

The 2018 US National Climate Assessment outlined the stark impacts of climate change and its dangers to our economy. Reports by the Department of Defense have long warned of the effects of climate change on national security and our troops.

To avoid the worst impacts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the world’s top climate scientists – says we need to stop adding climate pollution as soon as possible. That means replacing dirty energy with wind, solar, and other clean sources of power.

We also need strategies to pull climate pollution from the atmosphere – letting farmers profit by using practices that store carbon, and protecting forests, and advancing technologies that remove carbon pollution directly from the air. (This concept of taking as much carbon pollution out of the air as we put into it is sometimes called “net-zero emissions.”)

100% Clean: We Can Do This

American ingenuity has unlocked innovative solutions that have put humans on the moon and ushered in the digital age. In just the last decade, solar energy prices have dropped nearly 90%. Wind power is almost 70% cheaper. Potential breakthrough technologies are on the horizon.

Now is the time to unleash that entrepreneurial spirit to create the 100% clean future that will protect our air and water, improve children’s health, protect national security, and create millions of jobs for Americans.

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