Food waste is a prevalent issue – almost 40% of food in America goes into the landfill per year, amounting to about 133 billion pounds. To lower the amount of wasted labor, water, fuel and money from food production, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency have set a target of 50% food waste reduction by 2030.

Help us reach this goal by being aware of how much you buy and throw away. Remember that “ugly” food is still delicious. Consider donating food you might otherwise waste to a local food bank – more than 41 million Americans still live in food insecure households, and need our help. Not to mention, participating could save your family almost $1,500 a year!

If you’re looking to act beyond your home, tell your campus, business, or organization to join the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge, which works to improve food management practices. Together we can reduce waste, lower methane production, feed the hungry, and save money. Be a part of the solution!