By Jonathan Soohoo September 28, 2017

Between classes and juggling even busier schedules, there’s little time to go to the movies at the beginning of the school year. Still, there’s been a nice run of environmental-focused films lately that we’d hate for you to miss out on, either at the theater or streaming to the comfort of your dorm.

Here are our three picks for a back-to-school screening:

First up is the sequel to Al Gore’s climate change film, An Inconvenient Truth, and aptly titled, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. Join the former vice president as he travels the world to see first-hand the impacts of climate change and as he inspires both young climate activists and world leaders to act boldly to solve one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. The film also highlights the solutions to climate change, including clean and renewable energy that is helping to protect our environment and our health.

Another great film is Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman, the film adaption of a book written by Miriam Horn that premiered August 31st on the Discovery Channel. The film follows the efforts of conservation champions who are doing their part to innovate and promote sustainable practices in the American West, on farms across the heartland, and in coastal communities along the Gulf Coast. There’s another message woven through this geographically diverse conversation: Even in a divisive political climate, conservation remains a core American value. Heroes of all political stripes are stepping up to build resilience to extreme weather, reverse overfishing and fight pollution – all to leave a better world for future generations.

Our final recommendation is National Geographic’s Before the Flood. In this documentary, you’ll travel the globe with Leonardo DiCaprio as he joins climatologists, environmental activists, business leaders and world leaders to document the impacts of climate change on communities. The film, released in 2016, is available to stream for free until early November, so don’t miss out!

No matter the venue, there are plenty of options available to learn more about the climate challenge as well as the solutions that are helping to build a cleaner and healthier future for our children.

Feel like doing more?

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