By Monica Nerz February 3, 2020

Fire Drill Fridays was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s global climate action movement with a mission of bringing awareness to the federal government’s inaction towards climate change. What began as a small weekly movement quickly gained traction, as Jane Fonda inspired youth activists from all over the country to participate in the demonstration at the nation’s capitol. When Fire Drill Friday demonstrations were active in the fall, the Defend team had the opportunity to attend a number of events held each Friday.

Each week, Fire Drill Friday presented itself with a different theme and hosted a number of different guest speakers relating to each week’s given topic of discussion. A few themes present among the #FireDrillFriday movement included: health care, forest protection, accountability on fossil fuel companies, immigration rights, and a number of other important topics tied to the focus of climate change. Fonda’s guest speakers would speak to an issue that impacted their communities back in their home state, such as an environmental injustice. The issues discussed at each Fire Drill Friday event provided an opportunity for both guest speakers and the audience to stand in solidarity with one another through the injustices that impacted them. It also provided an outlet for ways in which they can address environmental injustices for the future.

In the age of growing climate denial, we must unite behind both the science and facts. After attending such an inspiring movement, it is critical that we put a stop to our government’s neglect in taking action on the climate crisis. What we will do, is continue to use our voices and demand viable climate solutions, whether it be at a local level or the national level, in order to preserve our future. That is why educating the youth and generations that will be affected by climate change is so vital, because environmental issues knows no boundaries.