By Defend Our Future January 12, 2021

Like all of you, we watched the insurrection on the US Capitol in horror. We’re appalled by the grotesque violence perpetrated by these criminals, their attempt to delay the outcome of a legitimate democratic election, and the double standard law enforcement applied to them compared to Black Lives Matter protesters last year. And we were simultaneously shocked and unsurprised that the sitting President of the United States instigated it.

The white supremacy coursing through the veins of America runs deep, and always has; the hatred and entitlement and privilege the world saw last week was just a particularly vivid display of it. And as much as we can’t wait for President-elect Joe Biden to assume office on January 20, this evil isn’t going to magically disappear overnight.

It is totally, completely valid to feel angry, or sad, or scared, or all of the above right now. Our Democracy is still standing, but it’s more vulnerable than many of us could have imagined just a few short years ago.

But know this: there are a hell of a lot more of us – people who want a better world, who care for each other, who respect democracy, who live their lives with love in their heart – than there are of them.

Even at a time when everything feels so dark, remember and hold on to the strength that we have when we raise our voices and stand together. Defending a future that is safe and just has never been more important. Together, we can make it happen.

Lawmakers and civic leaders must stand up and denounce violence as a means to resolve political differences, and work to ensure a peaceful transition proceeds next week amidst reports of additional gatherings of militant groups in the nation’s capital.