August 10, 2023

Statement from Defend Our Future Director Kyli Wagner, June 23, 2023


The Supreme Court decided this week to ban affirmative action in college admissions and eliminate President Biden’s student loan debt cancellation program. 


“Everyone wants the opportunity to thrive,” said Defend Our Future director Kyli Wagner. “But these harmful decisions threaten the ability of young people, especially young Black and brown people, to have access to higher education, pursue careers of their choice, buy homes and start families like the generations before them. Young people need Congress to ensure that the U.S. remains a place where they belong and have equal opportunity to succeed. Just like the climate crisis, later is too late to act.” 




Defend Our Future is a national program engaging and mobilizing young people to advocate for solutions to the climate crisis, build political power and hold policymakers accountable to secure a healthier, climate-stable future. As a project of the Environmental Defense Fund, we elevate diverse youth voices to engage in climate policy advocacy. Defend Our Future is a nonprofit and non-partisan organization.