By Rett Evans February 28, 2018

Hello, fellow environmental enthusiasts! My name is Rett Evans, and I have been an intern with Defend Our Future in Arizona since the fall 2017 semester.

This internship has really meant a lot to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to educate my peers about the Trump administration and congressional actions against the EPA, and to help them get involved in the larger effort to secure our right to a healthy environment.

By canvassing on the Arizona State University campus and helping the team in put on awesome and fun events that illuminate many different sides of climate change, I have been able to see firsthand the impact of this organization’s work. I really believe in this cause and the work that Defend does and continues to do both here in Arizona and around the country.

Every day I feel energized by the many people I engage who understand and deeply care about the myriad ways in which the environment and our health are interrelated. I find it inspiring to see so many of my peers wanting to get involved in the fight against climate change so we can pass on a healthy planet to future generations.

As my internship carries on, I’m really looking forward to seeing the positive changes that we all can continue to make happen through Defend Our Future and I hope to see you out here making a difference in this movement!

Rett Evans is a sophomore at Arizona State University in Tempe.