By Ben Schneider July 28, 2016

(Philadelphia, PA, July 25, 2016) Following last week’s GOP Convention event, Defend Our Future, Environmental Defense Fund’s campaign to mobilize young people to change the conversation around climate change, held “Changing Climate: The Future of Climate Change in the Democratic Party” roundtable luncheon today at the Democratic National Convention. Held at Le Meridien Hotel in Philadelphia, the event was attended by U.S. Democratic leaders, policy experts, climate activists, select members of the press and others.

Some of the attendees in the standing room-only event included Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD); Mayor Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh; and Lydia Avila, Executive Director of the Power Shift Network.

The event discussion focused on the importance of the United States pursuing strategies to mitigate climate change and protect all American communities from its impacts.

“A growing bipartisan majority of young people from across the political spectrum support action on climate change, and they are tired of partisan bickering getting in the way of progress,” said Alicia Prevost, Director of Defend Our Future. “Bringing together these young Democrats and leaders of their party is a chance for them to convey how important climate change is to them.”

“If we want to see robust support for climate and clean energy policies, we need to get young people involved,” said Avila. “That creates a cycle of support – not only will they be the voting population for the next 50 years, but they will teach both older generations and generations to come about the importance of action.”

The event was held in partnership with Bloomberg Government.