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Defend Our Future in the News

Defend Our Future, Statement on the midterm elections
Defend Our Future, Statement on Trump administration's attack on Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
Defend Our Future, Statement on Trump administration's proposal to roll back critical EPA methane protections
Defend Our Future, Statement on Trump administration's proposal to 'replace' America's Clean Power Plan
Defend Our Future, Statement: Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Car Standards
Associated Press, Anti-Trump images become big business for DC projectionist

Pledge to Vote

Governing, Want young people to vote? Make them sign a pledge
Pacific Standard Magazine, 'I pledge to vote' gets people to the polls


Defend Our Future, Statement: Resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
Defend Our Future, Defend Our Future Calls on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to Resign; Announces Six-Figure Digital Ad Campaign Highlighting Why Pruitt Must Go
The Leslie Marshall Show, What's Next at Post-Pruitt EPA
Mother Jones, Scott Pruitt’s “Dirty Dealings” Stir a Campaign to Oust Him From the EPA
The Hill, Greens launch campaign to get Pruitt fired
Sierra Club Magazine, Nation’s Leading Enviro Groups Want Trump to “Boot Pruitt”
Univision Noticias, Grupos hispanos se unen para pedir la renuncia del líder de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental (Hispanic groups join to request the resignation of the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency)
Politico, Pruitt steps up to the plate


91.5 KJZZ, Congressional candidates discuss climate change at ASU town hall
The Temple News, Defend Our Future students point to environmental protection
AZ Central, Is climate change the biggest issue no one is talking about in Arizona campaigns?
KTAR News 92.3 FM, Events planned to reach students on National Voter Registration Day
KYW Newsradio 1060, Student activists motivate millennials to vote with focus on climate change
The Temple News, Sustainability efforts garner silver rating
The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Beer and Sustainability: Not Mutually Exclusive
KYW Newsradio 1060, Climate change advocates demand Trump administration lay out clean air standards
Phoenix New Times, Trumps's proposed emissions rule will choke efforts to clean polluted Phoenix air
Sentinel Colorado, Aurora protesters say no one can breathe easy when officials ignore air quality, climate change
FOX 31 Denver, 14 wildfires continue to burn across Colorado
The Athens News, Event highlights city of Athens' sustainability efforts
The Athens Messenger, Environmental group reaffirms Athens' commitment to sustainability
CBS 5 Phoenix, City of Tempe testing ways to mitigate extreme heat
FOX 10 Phoenix, Valley groups studying ways to mitigate future extreme heat in the Phoenix area
KUSA 9 News, "Defend Our Beer" panel happening on Tuesday evening
KTAR News 92.3 FM, Could climate change be ruining the taste of your favorite craft beer?
The Athens Messenger, OU students, faculty want community to 'defend our water'
NBC 12 News, Brewers fear climate change is putting beer in danger
AZ Central, Drinking to a river's health: Arizona brewers and farmers fight drought with beer
91.5 KJZZ, Valley brewers talk about how climate change is affecting craft beer
Arizona PBS, Advocacy group warns public about ‘regressive’ policies on environment, solar industry
The Lantern, Rep. Kristin Boggs, panelists discuss activism in climate change
The Lantern, Ohio State professors question merits, prominence of politics within EPA
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Defend Our Future hosts panelists to discuss importance of healthy bees
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Willson: What we can learn from Gina McCarthy


Los Angeles Times, Meet Robin Bell, the artist who projected protest messages onto Trump's hotel last night
The Philadelphia Tribune, Donna Bullock tackles pollution on African-American families
The Lantern, Ohio State students take climate change issue to Senator Portman’s office
North Forty News, Defend Our Future to Host “Defend Our Beer” Panel
North Forty News, CSU professors and students highlight important researched funded by the EPA
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Defend our Beer panelists discuss brewing sustainability at Odell Brewing Company
91.5 KJZZ, ASU Students, Local Lawmakers Protest Proposed EPA Cuts
The State Press, Environmental organizations empower students to fight for change
ASU Now, Planting seeds of change
Environmental Defense Fund, Climate action today: Where we're going and how we reach results – despite current roadblocks

Letters to the Editor


The Philadelphia Tribune, Millennials help make a difference in the election
Havasu News, Young people are making a difference at the polls
Aspen Daily News, Time is running out
The Denver Post, Keep the EPA’s methane policy
The Columbus Dispatch, Pressure our leaders to protect environment
The Ambler Gazette, (Congresswoman-elect) Dean responds to letter on climate change
The Ambler Gazette, Now is the time to act on climate change
Kingman Daily Miner, Youth will not stand by and let future deteriorate
Aspen Daily News: Young voters care about climate change
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, We have a right to a future free of methane pollution
The Morning Call, Young voters sent message about climate change
Cleveland Plain Dealer, We encourage the new Congress to take our future seriously
Delaware News Journal, Young people want real action on climate change
Centre Daily Times, Young people are ready
Aspen Daily News, We need methane safeguards, protections
The Columbus Dispatch, Young people realize need to get involved
Colorado Springs Independent, Reader: Save the planet and VOTE
Delaware News Journal, Vote with climate change in mind
Havasu News, Preserve the Endangered Species Act
The Philadelphia Tribune, Vote with climate change on the mind
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Fort Collins sets good examples for renewable energy policies
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Remember to vote with climate change in mind
Colorado Daily, Common-sense health protections threatened
Bucks County Courier Times, Protect our air
Kingman Daily Miner, Vote for those who will protect your community
The Morning Call, Don't change fuel economy standards for cars, other vehicles
Boulder Daily Camera, Megan Thompson: Fight for future with support for CPP
The Columbus Dispatch, Letter: Support car standards for health, wallets
Colorado Springs Independent, Reader: We need an EPA committed to protecting our health
Colorado Daily, American people must hold EPA responsible
The Columbus Dispatch, Wheeler at EPA will protect industry, not the environment.
The Athens News, OU students should be aware of environmental threats in area
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Young people won’t stand for environmental degradation
The State Press, Defend Our Future urges students to act against climate change
The Athens News, Urge our elected reps to support removal of Pruitt as EPA chief
Las Vegas Sun, We need action for the climate
Las Vegas Sun, Take a stand against Pruitt
The Coloradoan, EPA cuts would impact Colorado jobs, clean-energy research
The Coloradoan, Young people must help protect nation’s public lands
The Coloradoan, Defend our bees and our future 


The Post Athens, Letter to the Editor: Funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency affects students
Arizona Capitol Times, EPA cuts threaten Arizona’s natural water supply and air quality
The Coloradoan, We can no longer ignore environmental issues
The Coloradoan, Help protect the air, water, land we so deeply value
The Coloradoan, If you value air, water and land, speak up
Las Vegas Sun, Air quality in jeopardy
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Climate change is real, now, we need to address it
The Athens News, Don’t let Congress scrap the EPA and not act on climate change
The Temple News, Fund EPA for clean air
The Philadelphia Tribune, Oppose budget cuts
The Daily Collegian, Repealing Clean Power Plan harms economy, environment, and you
The Athens Messenger, Government should reverse course on climate action